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Our Newtron engineers have a wide array of skills and expertise. We only hire the best so that we can give you the best software. Here is a sample of what our most elite engineers specialize in.

Mobile App Development

In an ever changing market, the best way to keep your customers engaged is with a mobile presence. Thus, we have built countles Android and iOS apps that have increased revenue for our clients.

Web App Development

In the modern age, what company doesn't need a web app? We get it, we all need web apps to make our business be the best we can. Therefore, we have a trained squad of web experts ready to deploy your business on the internet.

Agile and Team Building

We have experience in Agile, teaching Agile, and building successful Agile teams. We follow Agile and that is what allows us to be successful in our constant deployment of software for our clients.

Bluetooth and IoT

Sometimes you need that embedded device or sensor, that custom build for your latest gadget that will make you millions. We have a team of engineers with years of experience in building custom embedded devices for your IoT needs.


Honestly, whomever is not using Git is not developing software in the 21st century.


Because the cloud makes your life easy, we always make sure we have engineers with cloud expertise.

Software Testing

Our testers are a key component to the software that we develop. We ensure that our systems and our client's are fully tested.

Full Team Solutions

Just need solutions, and don't want to deal with managing a team? Give us the problem, and recieve a full tested, deployed solution.

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